day one, or one day

“Its you to decide one day or ‘day one’ “

Quite impressive quote .. isn’t it. Every morning is a new beginning for us. A new day brings new zeal enthusiasm and a hope. A hope that everyone needs in one or the other way. Generally speaking, these quotes are not always about being successful or about your life goals or heavy words similar to these. Sometimes it is about starting to love yourself the way you wanted other to love you. Every day is a new opportunity for you to turn that day into most memorable one. The day you never want to forget in your life. People generally misunderstand having fun with having pictures of that day, actually, the fact is the more pictures you click the less fun you will have, you will indulge yourself in having that one perfect click so that you can post it over the internet. It’s not fun, it is just a competition with other to show you are leading more fun life than them.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself by comparing your life with others. The circumstances in which your lives are quite different from others. Create your happiness by yourself, try to figure out want you love and pursue that. Happiness is no way related to places you go or things you own. Even a dubsmash or even a cup of coffee with your favorite tv show could create happiness for you.

Every day is a new opportunity for you to create a cozy moment of joy that is personalized for you. Enjoy that moment of the day. Create a moment every day that you don’t want to forget in your life ever.

Hakuna Matata

Published by 100mya

just a law student trying to give words to her thoughts..

11 thoughts on “day one, or one day

  1. I really like your take on happiness, and I agree with what you said about living through snapshots. Even I myself sometimes only wanna do certain things, or go certain places just so I can “show off” for social media. I feel like you the best memories are the ones you don’t have evidence of.

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    1. so true, if you don’t have evidence of your day implies that you have enjoyed the day to the fullest that you don’t even got time to click picture or see your phone which is a good thing…
      i am glad that you like my post and do check my page for new post,have a good day. 🙂

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