My school uniform

As I said in my last blog “declutter your life before 2018”. I was doing that today evening. I was throwing away clothes from my wardrobe which I haven’t worn in last 2-3 months. It was the last rack of the cupboard. In corner of it, there was my school uniform. I haven’t worn it for last 3 years now but I couldn’t gather the strength to throw that uniform away.

Why i couldn’t throw that uniform that i kept in a corner of my wardrobe, when i know i have no use of it.

I know I might not be the appropriate person to nag about my school because I am still in college and there are many other people who are in there in their late thirties who are the more appropriate person for this task but even I felt nostalgic when I saw that dress. I have been there in the same school for 12 years of my life. Everyday followed the same routine and same lifestyle. For all those 12 years in that school, no major changes happened. From morning prayer “gyaan dayani Gyan de” to afternoon “Gayatri mantra” everything remained same. Even those face of my friends remained same. Now when I look back, that tension of assignments and homework which seemed so tiring, now seems blissfull because now when I look back I realize how easy it was back then to deal with people. Then the biggest life decision was to decide what to eat in the canteen during lunch, but now every step we take every move we make bring a change in our lives. Not only in our lives but also in the life of people around us.

Also, this school uniform brings back the memories of me and my bestie taking and planning about our future in college, but today nothing is like that the way we thought it would be. Things don’t go according to our plans, in fact, they are nothing the way we could have imagined it.

‘No’ I am not complaining about life, I was just thinking that I wish I haven’t planned anything about my future, I would have fewer heartbreaks. Now, I am not saying planning about your future is wrong, having unreasonable expectations from your planning is wrong. Neither this planning will yield you results nor they will give you positivity towards your goals. It will only give a basket of expectation. The expectation that will give you an unwanted reason to doubt your capabilities and strength.

Expectations always hurts. No matter how reasonable you find your expectations to be, yet everytime you expect a thing to happen something extremely opposite happens.

So the bottom line stops planning about your future start working on it today, and hence you will do both living in present and planning future.


Hakuna Matata

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