Imagine a clock ticking continuously

“Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.                      -William Sheakspeare

Imagine an old grandfather clock making the “coo-coo” sound, the sound it makes on hour, continuously without stop or without a gap. Think about a situation when you are driving a busy road and a person is annoyingly honking from behind, there is no rive way yet he is honking and annoying you. What will you in these two situations?

In my confined understanding, you will have two thoughts in our mind,

  • Firstly, you will be annoyed by that person or the clock
  • Secondly, you will find different ways out to get out of these situations

“This same thing happens when you speak too much without any logic and understanding of an issue”

Everyone in a social system is having a right to be extremely vocal about there perspective on any issue which is prevalent in the society. But any statement without any concrete proof is as good as people talking together in a group discussion because none of your views really matters to others because from your argument people are not yielding anything.

So, What should I do to determine if someone is not interested in my verbosity?

According to phycologist, these are the certain action which comes naturally to a person when s/he is not interested in the conversation or putting it in other words “your monologue”

  • Sigh
  • tap their fingers
  • tap their feet or shake their foot
  • nod impatiently as if saying “Get on with it.”
  • interrupt you
  • turn slightly away or take a step away
  • rarely start a conversation with you etc.

But why listening is important?

If you have been a patient reader till here, now you must be really eager to know why it is important to listen other and “few thy voice”. So, below I have enumerated certain benefits of talking less:

  1. Gain knowledge  If everytime you are speaking then you are likely to gain less knowledge because its you who is always speaking and you will gain no new perspective about anything


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