I am a law student, trying to channelize my energies in doing something that is productive than watching Netflix all day. Hence I landed up writing weekly blogs.

When I started writing blogs I was neither sure about my Genre in which I am going to write nor I am sure now. Every week I stumble upon something which clicks on my sense which makes me feel that “OK! that’s something on which I have a strong opinion to express” and so I write about it. Probably people who are stopping by spending their precious 10 min to read a blog written by me expect that there could be more or sometime they might just find it a sheer waste of time but for me each blog that I write hold utter importance as I have spent my time writing it.

Also, it takes a lot of courage to write something and put it up on a platform where there are many others who have much more experience than you and your friend collective have. So, when in initial days I barely have reviews and feedback from people. I really thought of giving it up because I really thought I might not be way out for me but I think I should keep on doing thing lets see to what extent I can pull it over.

For those who have read this page to this extent, I am really grateful and I would really appreciate if you go through my recent blogs and suggest me what are the changes and topic that you would like to read.

Thank you