Imagine a clock ticking continuously

“Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.                      -William Sheakspeare

Imagine an old grandfather clock making the “coo-coo” sound, the sound it makes on hour, continuously without stop or without a gap. Think about a situation when you are driving a busy road and a person is annoyingly honking from behind, there is no rive way yet he is honking and annoying you. What will you in these two situations?

In my confined understanding, you will have two thoughts in our mind,

  • Firstly, you will be annoyed by that person or the clock
  • Secondly, you will find different ways out to get out of these situations

“This same thing happens when you speak too much without any logic and understanding of an issue”

Everyone in a social system is having a right to be extremely vocal about there perspective on any issue which is prevalent in the society. But any statement without any concrete proof is as good as people talking together in a group discussion because none of your views really matters to others because from your argument people are not yielding anything.

So, What should I do to determine if someone is not interested in my verbosity?

According to phycologist, these are the certain action which comes naturally to a person when s/he is not interested in the conversation or putting it in other words “your monologue”

  • Sigh
  • tap their fingers
  • tap their feet or shake their foot
  • nod impatiently as if saying “Get on with it.”
  • interrupt you
  • turn slightly away or take a step away
  • rarely start a conversation with you etc.

But why listening is important?

If you have been a patient reader till here, now you must be really eager to know why it is important to listen other and “few thy voice”. So, below I have enumerated certain benefits of talking less:

  1. Gain knowledge  If everytime you are speaking then you are likely to gain less knowledge because its you who is always speaking and you will gain no new perspective about anything


Almost; i lived

via Daily Prompt: Almost

That day standing alone on the bridge on the cold night of December 31, i realized that in the hustle of day one more year passed, and I haven’t done anything exciting this year.

‘I have only completed targets at my office’, not that I loved the job, but I have to complete it

‘I have eaten for only for my survival’, not for the taste.

‘I have traveled around the country’, not for adventure but for work.

‘I have got clothes’ not that I loved shopping but because they are bare necessities.

Basically, I have almost lived this year, not lived it completely.




My school uniform

As I said in my last blog “declutter your life before 2018”. I was doing that today evening. I was throwing away clothes from my wardrobe which I haven’t worn in last 2-3 months. It was the last rack of the cupboard. In corner of it, there was my school uniform. I haven’t worn it for last 3 years now but I couldn’t gather the strength to throw that uniform away.

Why i couldn’t throw that uniform that i kept in a corner of my wardrobe, when i know i have no use of it.

I know I might not be the appropriate person to nag about my school because I am still in college and there are many other people who are in there in their late thirties who are the more appropriate person for this task but even I felt nostalgic when I saw that dress. I have been there in the same school for 12 years of my life. Everyday followed the same routine and same lifestyle. For all those 12 years in that school, no major changes happened. From morning prayer “gyaan dayani Gyan de” to afternoon “Gayatri mantra” everything remained same. Even those face of my friends remained same. Now when I look back, that tension of assignments and homework which seemed so tiring, now seems blissfull because now when I look back I realize how easy it was back then to deal with people. Then the biggest life decision was to decide what to eat in the canteen during lunch, but now every step we take every move we make bring a change in our lives. Not only in our lives but also in the life of people around us.

Also, this school uniform brings back the memories of me and my bestie taking and planning about our future in college, but today nothing is like that the way we thought it would be. Things don’t go according to our plans, in fact, they are nothing the way we could have imagined it.

‘No’ I am not complaining about life, I was just thinking that I wish I haven’t planned anything about my future, I would have fewer heartbreaks. Now, I am not saying planning about your future is wrong, having unreasonable expectations from your planning is wrong. Neither this planning will yield you results nor they will give you positivity towards your goals. It will only give a basket of expectation. The expectation that will give you an unwanted reason to doubt your capabilities and strength.

Expectations always hurts. No matter how reasonable you find your expectations to be, yet everytime you expect a thing to happen something extremely opposite happens.

So the bottom line stops planning about your future start working on it today, and hence you will do both living in present and planning future.


Hakuna Matata

Thing to do before new years


New-year is around the corner, where everyone is busy in summarising the year. New year basically brings a new vision a for a year. People around the world celebrate this time with a new resolution. But before this year ends here is the list of 10 things you should before this year ends to head start 2018.


      We often hold a grudge because we don’t want to let the other person off the hook. But, who’s really hooked: the one who moved on or the one who’s holding on.             -lori deschene

According to a human tendency, when we get hurt by someone we tend to seek sorry from them. Then action through which they show that yes they were wrong in doing that action. But, from now stopping seeking sorry from others this means, when you get into argument with someone, just think about it rationally and evaluate that if there was even the slightest mistake of yours then be the bigger person and apologise and if not then don’t keep grudges against the person, forgive them and move on because “the vessel which contains the acid get more damaged than the vessel on which it is poured” this means if your hold grudges against someone it will damage your inner peace more to you then the person you are holding grudges against, since negative vibes will stay with you for longer period.


clutter is the physical manifestation of the unmade decision fueled by procrastination      – christina scalise

Decluttering is the most important task in one’s life. decluttering not only of materialistic things but also of people who are poisonous to your life. In the upcoming year, you must realize that there is the certain type of people who are actually hindering your growth and making you less efficient and less productivity. It’s better to leave a person who is bad for your growth.

Also, decluttering is also important at the material level, according to a research people who are having a clean and open space to work tend to work more efficiently than the people who have a hoard of books and clothes piled up against their desk. Organising the desk and the room should be the task before you enter 2018.


You don’t have to post it, to prove it

When social media is something which shows your personality and contains so much of confidential information about you, it is really important for you to manage it properly. Generally it is suggested that one should change their password every 3 months but due to our busy schedule we hardly change it, so before 2018 change all the important password for security purpose, make your password strong keep the security question rotating and try not keep right answer of security question because right answer is easy to guess, instead what you can do is put second best answer which is little hard to guess. This will secure your page.

Also, filter certain content from your pages which you think is too personal and also the picture which you think is invading your privacy little too much, and try to keep your life a little low key.


   Contemplating is the highest form of activity.  -Aristotle

For moving forward in life one must look back and contemplate what already happened in past so we can get away with the errors and faults of past. This process not only talks about the mistake but also about your achievement of the year, things you are grateful for and things you regret doing. Take a diary and a pen and start writing down about the year.


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

Admit it, we all once in this year have tried to get a book and read it but eventually, we all failed. But since this year is ending pick up the book again and try to complete it before this year ends. Now, this is not a rule of thumb that you have to complete it before year-end, you are not supposed to keep every important chore aside and start reading that book because you have decided to do so. Instead of looking at it as a task inculcate this reading as a habit and surely you will see have a difference a  book can have in your life.

  • WORK ON YOUR WELL BEINGIt’s never too late or too early to work towards being the healthiest you.

Before heading into 2018 indulge yourself in some physical activity, the physical workout is extremely important for your body and mind. Every year on 1 January gym is filled with new members because each one of us realise the need of workout at some point in time but gradually we fail keep this habit together and even on 1 January we tens to procrastinate going to gym so instead of planning going to gym, hit gym today because if you start working out from today you will eventually find urge of going to gym on the first January as well and hence you will succeed in your goal.

 Also, workout not only means hitting the gym, doing basic exercise or simple yoga could also be an easy way to being physically active every day.  According to research conducted by independent organization top spot for practicing yoga are house and 43% people practice yoga at home and 40% people in the yoga studio. Further meditation can also be a great option for increasing concentration


Spread love everywhere you go let no one ever come to you without getting happier    -Mother Teresa

In our busy lifestyle, we meet many people, but as the day passes they only become a part of our contact list because we cannot make time to talk to them. So, before this year-end send them a message about how grateful and obliged to meet them in your life and also that you look forward to their company. Being complimentary towards people give you lots of positive vibes, a little conversation with people gives a happy feeling. But don’t forget to feel that compliment from your heart because heartfelt praising always leaves the best impact.


Confidence is not “they will like me”. Confidence is “I’ll be fine even if they don’t”.

When you are always surrounded by people in our life sometimes it is really important to take a day off from everything and everyone and spend time with your self to recharge your spiritual and mental battery. When you do something on your own you realize that you enjoy your company the most. I am not suggesting you be anti-social but I am trying to say if once you will start enjoying our own company you will have a self-confidence that yes if even you have no one by your side you still can carry on with your life and also spending time alone will make you respect the people a little more around you.


Do more things that make you forget to check your phone

Every person has a hobby, a thing which makes them happy. So before this year ends to do something like that, if you like to dance, learn a routine if you like to paint, paint something. Do whatever you like and make this year complete with the laughter of joy which you will get after doing what you like.


Finish what you have started

Evey year we come across many thin which we generally leave incomplete and move forward without even realizing that it requires our attention. Well, I am not talking about life goals here, I am talking about small things like getting your lawn done, your garden requires taking care of. Basically, the things we generally ignore in the chaos of life. Take a day off from work or school and indulge yourself in taking care of all of these things you will surely feel the difference in the upcoming year that those tasks actually needs to be taken care of regularly.


These are few things one can think of doing before the year ends and bring a wave of positivity and productivity in the new year. This post has 10 different quotes each for a situation, I believe you like those quotes as well.

I hope some of them works for you as well, plz do write your new-years resolution for this years. Any other suggestion for this list is also appreciated.




day one, or one day

“Its you to decide one day or ‘day one’ “

Quite impressive quote .. isn’t it. Every morning is a new beginning for us. A new day brings new zeal enthusiasm and a hope. A hope that everyone needs in one or the other way. Generally speaking, these quotes are not always about being successful or about your life goals or heavy words similar to these. Sometimes it is about starting to love yourself the way you wanted other to love you. Every day is a new opportunity for you to turn that day into most memorable one. The day you never want to forget in your life. People generally misunderstand having fun with having pictures of that day, actually, the fact is the more pictures you click the less fun you will have, you will indulge yourself in having that one perfect click so that you can post it over the internet. It’s not fun, it is just a competition with other to show you are leading more fun life than them.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself by comparing your life with others. The circumstances in which your lives are quite different from others. Create your happiness by yourself, try to figure out want you love and pursue that. Happiness is no way related to places you go or things you own. Even a dubsmash or even a cup of coffee with your favorite tv show could create happiness for you.

Every day is a new opportunity for you to create a cozy moment of joy that is personalized for you. Enjoy that moment of the day. Create a moment every day that you don’t want to forget in your life ever.

Hakuna Matata